Fully Stocked!

Well, almost... we were but then people bought stuff :D

We have nearly everything Redesign With Prima produce. We've only been limited by what our U.K. distributors have in stock. Please check out the SHOP to see what's currently available and bear in mind that we also have a physical shop so sometimes we may be "out of stock" when we are showing "in stock" because we are basically quite forgetful. And I mean, 'think we need something, walk for approximately 5 second to get the "something" and forget what the something was by the time we got there, forgetful' :D

We carry quite a range of Old Prima/IOD stock too but it's end of line so once it's gone... that's it... no more to be had x

Don't forget that ALL prices Inc P&P. If you are able to collect you can remove £5 from each item. If you are having your items posted, we will combine postage and refund any money that we didn't use for P&P.

Hope to either see you guys soon or hear that lovely PING sound that means you've bought something.

Thanks for subscribing x

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