Vintage With Grace Chalk Paint

We are no longer VWG Stockist.

All items in this range are 50% off.

Please bear in mind that some of the tins have been here for some time

and may be a little dry on top.

Also, some of the tins have signs of rust on the bottom.

Please also be aware... some items that are showing as in stock...

may not be in stock.

I use it don't ya know and I don't always remember

to take it off the site. 

There will be no refunds.

It's half price paint for goodness sake :D

Your discount code is VWG50.

Just one last little thing...

My postage costs across the site are £10 up to £100 spent and £20 over that.

No courier company in the world is going to send £100 of 1/2 price paint for £10.

Therefor, you will have to pay the extra shipping should there be any.

Much love x

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